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国际 SOS 2024 年度全球风险地图

感谢您对国际 SOS 2024 年度全球风险地图关注!

感谢您对国际 SOS 2024 年度全球风险地图关注!

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为了实现与企业客户正式建立合作关系、开展商务活动以及管理联系人信息之目的,我们会将收集到关于您的个人信息(包括您的姓名、电话、电子邮箱、工作单位和职位)传输至中国境外的国际 SOS 机构 AEA International Holdings Pte. Ltd,并在中国境外存储和处理。针对跨境传输您的个人信息,您也可联系我们,行使适用数据保护法向您赋予的数据主体权利。
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For the purposes of formalising relationships with corporate clients, conducting business activities and managing contact information, we may transfer the personal information we collect about you,
(including your name, telephone number, email address, workplace and job title) to AEA International Holdings Pte. Ltd,

an international SOS organisation based outside of China, where information will be stored and processed.
You may also exercise the data subject rights granted to you under applicable data protection laws by contacting us in relation to cross-border transfers of your personal information.

Contact information and exercise channels are or +86 10 6462 9100;

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